When planning your wedding SUCKS!

I know. You get engaged and are excited for all the fizz supping, pretty frocks and cake tasting, then the planning gets underway and all is not as it seems.

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of arguments about guest lists, budgeting, and where to honeymoon.


I read a while back that something like 85% of couples consider sneaking off to elope at some point during the planning process, simply because they’re sick of all the crap that comes with it.


Interestingly though, for every couple I’ve ever talked to (and that’s A LOT!) – once the day is done, they are so pleased they stuck with it and agree that it was worth it.


I think there’s so much pressure that comes with weddings, it’s inevitable that it’s gonna be a bumpy ride at times. Heck, even if the two of you are on the same page, chances are that someone, somewhere, is going to stick their helpful (!) sticky beak into things and start with the advice.


The thing is though, this is YOUR day, it’s about YOU, and it should be exactly how YOU want it to be.


Obviously, if it’s being bankrolled by your parents or a long-lost aunt who turns out to be a millionaire, then it’s only right to give some leeway and let them be involved – BUT, not at the expense of you having the wedding that feels right for you. If financial contribution means complete taking over, I’d be considering going for a cheaper version and coughing up yourselves just so that you can keep the proceedings focussed on you and your marriage.


Ultimately, I’d say 99% of couples reach a point in their wedding planning journey where they’re really not enjoying it. Where it feels like it’s just to do lists, burning money and arguments. If this is you, you’re not alone. Everyone goes through it, it’s normal and it’s OK.


Stay calm, keep things in perspective, spend some quality time together where you don’t talk about the wedding and ride it out.


Things WILL get better, and you’ll end up having the most incredible day of your lives.


Go with it.





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