Beautiful wedding and engagement ring sets for 2019

The trusty diamond is steadfast in its position as the most popular stone for engagement rings, but with the controversy surrounding these sparkles, it’s important to make ethical buying decisions when you buy your bling!


The lovelies at Clean Origin specialise in creating the most beautiful bridal jewellery with their superior lab made diamonds.


They’ve kindly shared some gorgeous inspiration for perfectly matched bridal sets that show just how stunning a manmade diamond can be…




One of the biggest tips we’ve learned over the years is to purchase your engagement ring and wedding band at the same time. Many jewellery companies offer gorgeous bridal sets that allow your two rings to align perfectly, in harmony on your finger. Not only will these two important rings match, but buying them together helps mark off one extra item from your wedding ‘to-do’ list.


Keep it classic

If you’re looking for the epitome of a classic engagement ring and wedding band, look no further. The Epaulette bridal set features a gorgeous classic engagement ring with a brilliant row of handset lab-grown diamonds that sparkle and extend to the high polish collars that frame the centre stone. Accompanying the ring is a stunning, contoured band that’s made perfectly to sit next to the delicate Epaulette ring. It too shares the same shimmer and boasts 16 round accent diamonds for even more glitz and glam.

This classic bridal set is ready and waiting for its centre diamond. From a staple round cut diamond to an extravagant emerald, this ring’s versatility is one of its greatest qualities. But, your choices aren’t over yet!



Go for the (rose) gold

Who knew one fabulous shade of pink could look good on so many people?! Rose gold has captured the hearts of individuals across the world. And, the creators of some of our most-used products — such as mobile phones, toothbrushes and even conditioner — are taking note. So, it’s no surprise that the creators of your most beloved and important piece of jewellery are following suit.

Any bridal set you find on is available in this gorgeous colour. But, we’ve picked out our absolute favourite pieces that are even more jaw-dropping in a rose gold setting.



To start, we have the rose gold petite floating gem bridal set. As one of the most sought-after rings, this beautiful set is from their diverse Classic collection. With a whopping 16 side diamonds leading their way up to the dazzling centre stone, this engagement ring alone is enough to gather stares from across the room. Add in the diamond bound wedding band and this pair is one for the books.


From there we take you to the exquisite rose gold petite delicate halo. If you’re just starting your diamond research, we’re about to give you a huge hint on how to make your ring look bigger…buy a halo! With a circle of diamonds wrapped around your main stone, the entire ring appears larger than life. Add the diamonds that adorn the engagement ring band and your ring will be a head turner for sure. Similar in design to the Petite Floating Gem Matching Band, the Petite Delicate Halo Band is cloaked in diamonds, but of a smaller size and larger quantity.


Finally, we bring you the simple beauty of the quiet beauty bridal set in rose gold. With a setting that truly shows off the gorgeous pink colour, the Quiet Beauty is a solitaire ring that will never go out of style. The accompanied wedding band helps to add a bit of pizzazz to the overall look with a diamond-encrusted ring, similar to the Petite Delicate Halo band.


Fab sparkle-inspo there from Clean Origin, all with the added bonus of conscientious bling-buying. What’s not to love!





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