Insider tips: Number 8 Hair Salon on pre-wedding hair care

Number 8 Hairdressing is a Paul Mitchell signature hair salon based in Truro, Cornwall.


The talented team are your go-to for fabulous wedding hair, and they’ve put together their top tips for making sure your locks are luscious and looking amazing ready for the big day…


There’s so much to think about during the run-up to your wedding that hair care can sometimes take a back seat – then a week or two before the big day, panic sets in as you wish you’d taken control of your unruly mop.


If you plan in advance and let your stylist guide you in the run-up to your wedding, your hair won’t be a stress. You’ll have given your locks the love they deserve and it’ll look healthier on the day (not to mention the fact that well-treated hair behaves itself so much better!).


Try to think of your hair appointments as 2 and half hours of pure relaxation to yourself.  Chat away with your stylist and be excited about the wedding during this important ‘you’ time – quiet time.



Step 1 in beautiful well-behaved hair is regular hair trims.


We appreciate that 99% of brides grow their hair for their wedding day but having a haircut every 6-8 weeks means your hair will actually become longer faster (mind- blowing I know). The hair won’t actually grow faster BUT you’ll avoid the breakage from your hair that makes your hair shorter!


Most clients with long hair that don’t have it cut regularly end up having about 4-6 inches of ‘length’ that is completely useless for bridal hair, so regular trims are essential for glamourous long locks.



Step 2 to amazing hair is the correct product wardrobe.


Think of shampoo and conditioner as the insurance policy to your hair salon visits. We can make your hair look and feel amazing after your visit, but when you go home that feeling leaves when you wash it with shop bought products.


No salon or hairstylist can guarantee your colour lasting if you don’t use professional products. Fact.


For your hair to be as healthy as possible ensuring your blonde stays blonde and not turning a yellowy hue, your red stays vibrant not pink, and your brunette is as shiny as the day you had it done, then it really will boil down to shampoo, conditioner and heat protection.


Your stylist will show you how much product you need (and trust when they say a small amount is enough). Professional products are jam-packed with much better ingredients – a small amount goes a long way, and I can promise you’ll end up saving money on hair care products as they will last sooooo much longer.



Step 3 to the perfect combination of fabulous flowing hair is treatments.


We use Olaplex treatments in the salon with our colours to really look after the fibres inside your hair when colouring. These can also be used as a stand-alone treatment too, and even if you don’t colour your hair you can still use these amazing treatments.


We also have a selection of cuticle treatments which help smooth out any frizzy and static behaviour and make you feel like you leave the salon with the most luxurious hair you’ve ever had. Treatments are a quicker salon visit so can be fitted into a lunch break, or if you want to extend your visit when cutting and colouring we can add it on then. The girls are trained to give the best Indian inspired head massage and really send you to that blissful state of pure relaxation.



We hope you’ll use these tips and come to see us for stunning wedding day hair!



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