Insider info: wedding cakes and heatwaves!

The sun just keeps on shining and 2018 summer brides are whooping with joy. Their cake makers though, not so much!


If I’m honest, it’s not something I’d even thought about, so huge gratitude to the marvellous, talented and super lovely Claire, from Claire’s Sweet Temptations for this really important piece of advice.

One of our highly recommended suppliers, Claire is a highly experienced creator of beautiful wedding cakes and she has today shared her words of wisdom that will save your bacon cake.


Over to Claire…


We are still in the midst of this never-ending heat wave! As a bride you’re probably thinking ‘yay!!!! Sunny wedding!’ But spare a thought for your cake maker (and caterer come to that.)

Heat + Sugar/chocolate/butter/cake = hot mess! Or can do. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves that we can use to help. But, at the end of the day, Mother Nature will always win!


So what can be done?


Well, maybe the biggest thing is to think carefully about where the cake is going to be set up. Please, please not in a window! Think the greenhouse effect of sun through a window, even if it’s not a scorching hot day. The best place is in a cool, shady corner.


Take your cake maker’s advice on delivery timings. If the cake isn’t needed until later in the day, then think about having it delivered later. The longer it’s sitting out, in a hot room, the more issues it’ll have.


Avoid marquees!!! They spell death and doom to cakes on hot days. I’ve had a cake literally melt in a marquee. If you must. Then hire tall fans and a portable AC unit to be set up by the cake.


If it’s an exceptionally hot day then think about bringing the cake cutting forward. That way it can be taken away and popped in the fridge until you’re ready to eat. Plus your photos will be of your beautiful cake, and no stress about ‘will it last??’


Another, and I think rather inspired, idea, is to have the cake that is sitting on display as a fake cake. So think about the display cakes you see at wedding fairs and in photo shoots. This is a total win/win. You still get real cake, but as cutting cakes that the venue can keep chilled until needed. You get a stunning cake to act as a showpiece and to look awesome in photos. But none of the stress. Either for you or your cake maker. Plus you can be more elaborate with fake cakes, as there’s not the time factor of dealing with fresh and perishable cake. So you can really go all out!


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