Naomi and Matt’s Trevenna Barns wedding film

I absolutely LOVE a wedding film, I get so sucked into the love and joy that a talented videographer like Charlotte Dart can convey.

Charlotte has sent in the lovely Naomi and Matt’s Trevenna Barns wedding film, saying…


This pair are so incredibly lovely, relaxed and heartwarming. They loved a giggle and having fun. Even when there was a ‘hiccup’ on the day they were so chilled laughed it off. There was so much love!

I’ve been using the term ‘dancing in the moonlight’ for this wedding as they had sparklers outside and the moon was shining so brightly. They danced under the moonlight, which is captured in the video.

They danced down the aisle out of the church to ‘signed sealed delivered’ Amazing fun moment.

The biggest story of the day was that they had organized for all the guests to be transported via a private bus from the church to Trevenna. ,However the bus broke down going up a hill on the A38! The bride got out of the bus and was seen running up the A38 to get picked up by another guest in a car. Sadly I wasn’t there to capture it! (waaah!) It meant the B&G arrived back to the venue with no guests there so we had a nice amount of time taking photos of them. All in all, it didn’t affect the day at all, if any add a giggle!

This did end up in the wedding running about 30 minutes behind too, but the fab team at Trevenna dealt with this effortlessly and the day carried on seamlessly. So big thumbs up to Trevenna!



And now, for their film…




Supplier shout outs


Mutley Baptist Church

Charlotte Dart Photo & Film

Joshua Gooding

Adele Hack

The Salvation



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