Real brides wisdom: budget like a boss!

wedding budgeting tips

There’s nowt as helpful as advice from real couples who’ve beentheredunnit, and in today’s post we’ve got newlyweds talking budgeting the wedding dollah!


I know that money talk isn’t top of the list when it comes to fun wedding planning tasks, but getting this bit right is the difference between painful or plain sailing planning.



Have a clear budget


Hew & Donna



First things first, it’s all about working out how much you have to spend, all in.


Are you paying for it yourselves, or are others contributing – and if so, are they paying for set parts of the day or offering a set sum?


I know this sounds brash put in such an outright way, but the reality is you can’t start booking suppliers until you know what your overall wedding budget is.


So, get that overall figure set and I promise it will save heartache down the line.


Ben and Charlotte’s wedding at Kingston Estate. Image by Memories & Milestones



Keep to a budget; look at venues within your means


Ben & Charlotte



And not just venues, but all suppliers. Whether you’re talking gowns, cakes, flowers or photography, every aspect of your wedding will need to be considered in terms of how important it is to you and how much of your budget you will allocate to it.


There are no rights and wrongs here – everyone is different, but unless you have an unlimited budget you’ll need to make some decisions about where to splash out and where to save.


My most important piece of advice here thought would be to invest in the best suppliers that you can – research them, read reviews, use industry-recommended businesses (like those in our supplier guide) and don’t rush into booking unless you’re absolutely sure. Nobody wants to be let down on their wedding day and if a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is!



Jenn and Tom’s Scorrier House wedding. Image by Christian Michael.



Spreadsheets are life! I kept a list for everything and tracked how much we were spending as we went along so there were no big surprises along the way!


Jenn & Tom



Yes Jenn! I’m a list person too and keeping track of everything is super important. Always know what your overall budget is, what you’ve roughly allocated for each aspect of your day and how your estimates and actual costs are panning out.


Make sure that you protect yourself by getting your plans covered by wedding insurance, and keeping an emergency fund in case anything crops up that you hadn’t expected.


I appreciate that when it comes to getting excited about your day, this is a bit of a joy-killer, but please believe me when I say that it really will pay dividends getting this stuff discussed, agreed and out of the way right from the off.






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