How to get the perfect bridal brows!

Here at P&P HQ we love to see great use of makeup, but with millions of products available and complex techniques trending (contouring, anyone?!) it can be a challenge achieving the flawless look (as opposed to the ‘applied by a 5-year old let loose on your makeup bag’ look!).


One of the hardest features to get right is the humble eyebrow. Achieving the right shape and shade to enhance your features rather than scaring people away can be a daunting task.


Fear not!


I was recently gifted some AMAZING tweezers by beauty company Rubis. I know, I know, what can be so amazing about a pair of tweezers, I hear you cry. Believe me, I thought the same when Rubis got in touch, but I decided to give them a go and Ohhhh Em Geeee. Who knew a pair of tweezers could bring such joy? How do they differ from my £5.99 Superdrug pair? Let me count the ways! They’re lightweight, are a delight to hold, have pin sharp grip and… they’re pretty.


perfect bridal eyebrows


Anyhoo, being that I’m in the ‘beginner’ range of makeup application and beauty techniques, I thought it worthwhile sharing some tips on how to achieve the perfect brow from the founder of Rubis, Fides Baldesberger.


Now you too can have pretty bridal brows!


Here goes…



DO…match your brow colour to your roots. This is the most effective colour matching system to achieve a natural look and framing of your face.


DO… invest in a good linerKnow cosmetics (recently landed on our shores from the US) have launched the multifunctional No Bare brows. The double-ended pencil includes a universal brow colour and invisible taming wax. There is also a sharpener and brush within the lids for convenience! This is a makeup bag wonder ensuring brows are on fleek at all times!


DO always take a step back to admire your work. When grooming your brows it’s important to keep taking steps back from the mirror to check your work is even. Bear in mind they shouldn’t be exactly identical, think sisters rather than twins!


DO go professional from time to time. With all the great gadgets and grooming tools available on the market, most of us have taken to DIY brows at home. However, from time to time it is worth paying a visit to your local salon/threading counter for a spruce up. This means salon standard brows which you can then maintain a lot easier. In between visits you can pluck with the ‘Ferrari of tweezers’ (as Bobbi Brown calls them) Rubis tweezers. Tweezing will never the same again…


DON’T… bleach your brows. No, no and no. No matter how blonde/fair you are, a bleached brow will always wash you out and take away all definition.


DON’T… go product-free.  Whilst the natural look is fully promoted, a little bit of love and attention before leaving the house will go a long way when it comes to your brows. Even if it’s a quick 3-second sweep with the eyebrow brush.


DON’T over pluck.  It’s always useful to draw your desired brow shape on with a pencil or brow palette so you can use as a guide when plucking. Otherwise, it is easy to get pluck-happy and end up with the constantly curious look!



Great words of eyebrow wisdom there (love the idea of outlining your perfect brow shape before plucking, top tip!). Let me know what you think P&P peeps.




Photography: Tara Statton
Makeup – Laura Le Page



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