Katy and Tom’s Wedding at Hayne in Devon

hayne devon wedding

Ohhhhhh do I have a beauty for you today peeps. A stunning couple, beautiful venue (Hayne, Devon) and cracking images (and intro) by photographer Andrew George.

Dive in…





Here is a belter of a wedding for you all and one of my favourites from the year, all shot at the wonderful Hayne in Devon. I do love an autumn wedding; there is just something about all the rich colours and the light that is special. Check out this blog post for some happy rays of sunshine to brighten up your day… even though it was this shot this October.


Katy and Tom’s wedding was just bursting at the seams with happiness; it was just amazing to photograph! It was a joy to be part of and I am pretty sure 80%-90% of the photos contain laughter. Even the ones where Tom was crying… he was also laughing!!


I loved how relaxed Katy and Tom’s wedding day was. This matched my style as a photographer perfectly. The best photos are always the natural ones when everything is left to happen, the way I always work. As a bride, a groom and a photographer we were a good match!


The day kept me on my toes throwing me a few little surprises. We had the groom’s father suddenly jump on the mic and do an impromptu rap number! Then towards the end of the evening, we had a dance off, girls vs. boys… I think every wedding should have one!!

Congratulations Katy and Tom you threw the best wedding…! xx


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