Pasties & Petticoats was launched in January 2012 by me, Donna Sharpe.



A Cornish maid with a big heart, and a love of weddings and writing in equal measure.  I’m a down to earth gal, I don’t take myself too seriously and I love a love story.


I run Pasties & Petticoats from our home in Cornwall, usually with my Romanian rescue dogs Stanley and Buster keeping my feet warm.



My trusty sidekick – in both Pasties & Petticoats and life in general – is my sister Emma, who is my right-hand woman and number one wedding fair helper.



Me (right) & Her (left)


10 things we love:

Donna: cheesy music, cocktails, sunshine, reading a good book, animals, dancing, binge-watching Netflix, my family, communicating in gifs, Christmas.

Emma: being at home, impromptu fun, cooking/baking, box sets, birthdays (other peoples more than my own!), my boys (big and small), days out in the van, crunchy autumn leaves, footless tights and cycling.


When I asked Emma to send me any nice pics of her and me, she replied that the problem was they all seemed to involve us drinking! I say show it how it is!




How Pasties & Petticoats came about

The Husband and I got married in 2007 and it’s fair to say I spent our 18 months of planning with my head inside a variety of wedding mags and forums (blogs weren’t such a big thing all those years ago, #old).


Me (right) & Him (left)


I had recently started my own wedding photography business which I ran alongside my full-time job in marketing and communication.  I worked for some amazing couples and loved every single wedding, but as a huge fan of blogs, I was frustrated that Cornwall didn’t have a wedding blog of its own. Me being me, I decided to go for it and fill that gap!


That was almost 7 years ago now, and what an adventure it’s been.


In 2015 I left my local government career, quit photography, and made Pasties & Petticoats my full-time job (along with freelance writing for the wedding industry as



And if you’re wondering why no more photography?  In all honesty, doing it for a job made me lose the love a little. I’ve had a good break and I’m starting to experiment with iPhoneography (totally a word!) now, but I barely touch my ‘big camera’ these days. I hope one day I’ll have the time and space to find it fun again.


Think that covers everything, but if there’s anything I’ve missed or you can’t live without knowing, hit me up in the comments below!!


If you got this far, you’ve earned yourself a little treat…